Five Essentials to Pack in Your Carry-on

Packing a carry-0n can be a challenging task.  How do you fit everything you need for a flight plus emergency clothing (in case your luggage gets lost) into one tiny bag?  We are here to help!  We have found the essentials you need to make packing your next carry-on a breeze.
  1.  Facial wipes
You obviously want to look your best for your vacation, but it's all about the journey not just the destination, right?  You don't have to skip makeup for your travels, just pack some facial wipes to keep your skin fresh and glowing.  We love these cucumber and sage ones from Burts' Bees for just $10.  Shop here.

courtesy of burtsbees.com

  2.  Bathing Suit

Make sure you always carry a bathing suit in your carry-on for those lost luggage mishaps!  There's nothing worse then arriving at your destination and not being able to bask in the sun or wade in the ocean waves.  This cute one-piece from Topshop is perfect for your carry-on because it can also double as a bodysuit to wear with some comfortable track pants or shorts; you never know when you'll need a change of clothes.  $50.00 shop here.


courtesy of thebay.com


3. BB Cream

BB cream has everything your skin needs to look fresh in one bottle: moisturizer, primer, skin-correcting concealer, foundation, and spf.  You don't have space for five different bottles in your carry-on, and it's simply unnecessary.  Check out this one from Bobbi Brown for natural looking perfect skin.  $56 shop here.


courtesy of sephora.com


4. Scarf

It's takes up less space than a sweater and be used as a shawl or blanket if the plane is chilly.  Also wear it as a cute hair accessory, or cover-up at the beach.  We love this lightweight Kate Spade Gingham scarf.  $72 shop here.

courtesy of nordstrom.com


5. Fragrance Mist

A light fragrance mist will make you feel instantly fresh and keep you feeling fresh through your whole journey.  Check out this travel sized Pink Magnolia Fragrance Mist from Bath and Body Works.  $3 shop here.

courtesy of bathandbodyworks.com

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