Happy Easter to SHE Readers!

It recently occurred to me that Easter is the greatest holiday of all time. It involves worshipping the cutest animal known to man --bunnies -- and eating copious amounts of the most delicious (and healthiest, depending on who you ask) food on the planet: chocolate.

Of course, it also holds great significance for those who observe the holiday as part of their religion. For Christians, Easter is a time to reflect on sacrifice and love. It's what Jesus demonstrated whilst on the cross, and what we too should try to embody in our day to day lives. It's worthwhile noting that these principles transcend religion and culture: they are universal. No matter what faith you practice -- perhaps no faith at all-- it would serve us all well to keep the aforementioned principles in mind.

We would also like to note that our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the Coptic Church attacks in Egypt. It is a terrible thing to be persecuted for your faith, for what is near and dear to your heart. But already, there are signs of the world progressing to a more tolerant place: one need only to look at Syria, where Christians are free from terrorist intimidation and can practice their faith freely.

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