Syrian refugees in Canada name their baby after Justin Trudeau

Muhammed and Afraa Bilal arrived in Canada last year at the peak of winter to begin a new life with their two children Naya and Nael. They began their new life in Montreal and were truly inspired and thankful to our favourite prime minister. As a result of their gratitude they have decided to name their newborn son after Justin Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau Adam Bilal was born on Thursday in the city of Calgary. His first name is Justin Trudeau. The child's father, Muhammed now 29 worked in Damascus as a barber. He had been targeted by the Syrian army and detained once. After being freed, his family lived in fear as the authorities still searched for him. When they found out that Canada was welcoming refugees after Mr. Trudeau took office, both Muhammed and Afraa jumped at the chance of starting a new life for their children. The family was five years deep in the Syrian war, but now they live freely without fear. Their children are going to school and they've began to settle in Calgary.

"Canada is much more safe - there's no war, nothing," Afraa Bilan told the BBC by telephone. "Everything is different, everything is good - nothing like Syria."

Justin Trudeau has time upon time encouraged helping those living in persecution, terror and war. After becoming prime minister, he has resettled more than 40,000 refugees in Canada. Canadians salute to you Mr. Trudeau!

By Maheen Malik

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