A ban as ludicrous as this was never going to stick around. Earlier this month around 30 French municipalities had banned ‘burkinis’ on their beach. The modest, all covering swimsuit enjoys immense popularity amongst Muslim women who want to enjoy water and water sports without compromising on the decency dress code their religions mandates. The burkini is also the swimwear of choice for other women as well, who want to cover up their skin while on the beach, for modesty, or as a protection against sun damage. This week the ban made headlines around the world as it showed armed policemen surrounding a woman on the beach, forcing her to take off the tunic of her burkini. This, understandably, sparked a global outrage. Prime Minister Manuel Valls had supported the ban, saying that the swimsuit reflects a view that favours the ‘enslavement of women.’ The ban was suspended by the country’s highest administrative court after it was taken to the court by human and freedom rights workers. The ban, said the court order, went against ‘fundamental liberties’ of what French citizens choose to wear in public. While the ruling will be in effect in just in Villeneuve-Loubet, a town along the Mediterranean coast, it does set precedent for the other municipalities to follow suit. #WearWhatYouWant has been trending on social media and the Burkini ban been made into an array of memes poking fun at its inanity. Protesters in London organized a beach party outside the French Embassy, where people gathered wearing bikinis and burkinis and a van brought in sand to complete the scene.    

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