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The Trick Monolids Need to Perfect Winged Eyeliners


Let's be honest, wing liners are tricky for reasons that it's too complicated to do with the flick or it just won't show when you draw it. If it's because you have monolids, meaning that your lash-line is covered by your eyelids when you open eyes, we found a solution to your wing liner problems and it's called the "floating eyeliner" trick.

How this works is that instead of drawing the liner on your upper lash line, the liner will go on the middle of the lid just above the eye when it's open. Although, it may look like the liner's out of place when your eyes are shut, we're not complaining if it means being able to pull off the winged-liner look. Once the bold line and the flick has been drawn, the liner will appear just above your eyelashes like a normal liner!

It's different from today's beauty techniques but people have been using the trick for many years and it seems to be helpful and working! Some even put a twist on the beauty hack itself:


By Mary Angeline Joven

Twitter: @SHECanada  Facebook: SHE Canada  Instagram: @shencanada

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