Manicure Trends: Embracing the Understated Luxury of Clean Nails


Move over taupe and short black nails – in 2024, clean nails are stealing the spotlight as the go-to manicure trend. Natural nail designs that enhance their inherent beauty are set to dominate the global manicure scene this year. OPI experts affirm that this trend aligns with the growing preference for a natural finish in makeup, offering a flawless aesthetic that complements all outfits while presenting a rejuvenating and clean image.

Clean nails are immaculate manicures that mirror skin tones, featuring subtle and transparent nail colors with a delicate shine. For a true clean nail look, it's essential that the nails are short or of moderate length, and meticulously even after filing. Pointed or almond-shaped nails are not part of this aesthetic. This style emphasizes a minimalist approach, requiring well-maintained and cared-for nails above all.

Clean nails seamlessly fit into our everyday routines, whether it's at work, with family, during events, or even while engaging in sports—adding an element of elegance and subtlety to our hands. This type of manicure is notably easier to upkeep at home, as the natural growth of the nail or any imperfections are more discernible compared to darker tones.

How to Do the Clean Nails Manicure at Home

Essential tools are paramount for successful nail care. A quality file, a reliable pair of pliers, and a cuticle pusher are sufficient. As for products, incorporating a nightly application of cuticle oil ensures the health and beauty of your nails. Opt for a non-acetone nail polish remover enriched with ingredients like almond oil. Additionally, stocking up on nail polish in neutral tones, along with a good base and top coat, completes your basic nail care kit.

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