Five Canadian Destinations For The Long Weekend

  1. Muskoka 
Rent a cottage for the weekend and head down to an Ontario favourite, known as "Canada’s Cottage Country". With its serene atmosphere, beautiful lakes and water activities its no wonder why so many choose  Muskoka for a summer getaway. To make the getaway even easier, GO Transit and Ontario Northland are offering weekend service to Muskoka for the month of August.


  2. Montreal Montreal has it's own unique charm, with its European flair and charming architecture it should definitely be at the top of your Travel bucket list. No one can tire of Montreal's never-ending list of festivals, art events and of course all the cool restaurants and historical sites.  Be sure to visit this cultural hot spot!

  3. Vancouver/Victoria Moving on to Canada's West coast; in the province of British Columbia is the diverse and thriving city of Vancouver. Vancouver is home to a bustling and colourful downtown, mountains and endless outdoor activities to spend your long weekend enjoying.  While visiting Vancouver, be sure to take the ferry to check out a unique part of Victoria Island; Victoria, where you can take it easy and enjoy the coastlines.

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4. Banff Banff, Alberta is a quintessential mountain resort town in Alberta. It's located within Banff National Park Banff. Banff is home to residents from all over the world who have chosen this picturesque mountain town as their home. With its souvenir and independent storefronts lining the downtown streets. Wildlife is also home to Banff, Alberta as well as many beautiful lakes (Lake Louise!), hiking spots and natural hot springs. Banff is a must if you're looking for equal parts adventure and relaxing.

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5. St. Johns St. John's is a city on Newfoundland Island off of Canada's Atlantic coast. St. John's is home to beautiful colourful row homes. St. Johns is the perfect place to enjoy scenic drives, summer festivals, seafood and go fishing.    

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