How to Choose the Perfect Contouring Products

Proper contouring can make or break your makeup look. We asked Jason Hadikin, Education Executive at Estée Lauder, to teach us how to go about picking the right contouring products for our faces.   Q: What should people keep in mind when picking contouring products? People should make this technique easy on themselves. If you are a make-up guru then you will be able to choose a product and texture that you love to work with. If you are new to contouring, make it easy on yourself and go more for a cream option. It’s easier to blend and remove if you make some mistakes. One of my favorite products for contouring made easy is Estée Lauder New Dimension Shape + Sculpt Face Kit. This kit is one part contour, one part highlight and the formulation melts into the skin for a perfect, natural looking contour.   Q: With all the different formulas available in the market – powder, cream, gel – how does one pick a formula that’s best? You might have to experiment with a few consistencies and textures to get the right one for you. Remember you want this to be easy and effortless, not hard and complicated.   Q: Is it better to use products one can apply with fingers (like sticks and creams) or should one always use a brush or applicator? This is truly up to the person who is applying it. Some people like to use their fingers because it warms up the product. Others might want a more precise delivery of the product and this is where brushes come in handy.   Q: Is it better to buy each product – highlight, bronze, contour – separately? Or is it best to buy a palette that has the perfect system? If you can find the perfect system that works with your undertones and contains the perfect highlight for your skin tone, then yes a palette would be ideal.   Q: Should you be using a different contouring product during the day and in the evening? It depends on the look you are going for. Creams will look more natural for daytime use.   Q: Should you change your contour colour at different times of the year? Similar to foundation, this all depends on how dark your skin gets.   Q: Should you change the contour formula at different times of the year? If your skin is a bit dry during winter months, switching to a cream contour will give added moisture.  

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