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Benefits of Treating Yourself Regularly


You know that feeling when you’ve just been doing the same routine everyday and you just want to stop for a moment because you feel like you’re not going anywhere? Well, life as it is can already be complicated and sometimes taking a step back and doing a bit of reflection is enough to put yourself back together (like literally taking a second to breathe is enough). But, there are also times when you need just a little bit more self-care like pampering yourself through face masks or having baths. Now if you feel guilty about treating yourself here and there, thinking it’s all too much, don’t worry because there are actually benefits from doing these activities.

1. Improves mental health because you allow yourself to be in a state that allows you to attend to yourself and your wellbeing as an individual. In doing so, you regularly engage with the needs of your mind and body and ensure the further development of anxiety and depression.

2.Eases tension in relationships when you're stress, the last thing you want to do is to be calm, cool, and socialize. Oftentimes stress can cause relationships to be strained because you lose sight of the people important to you as you connect with them less. Pampering yourself can involve you spending time with your loved ones and often their company is enough to call the day a great one.

3.Less susceptible to sickness according to an article, spa sessions such as going to get a massage is beneficial when it comes to avoiding the colds and flu, especially, during its peak in the colder months. Therefore, treating yourself lead to boost one’s immune system.

So if you’re thinking twice about treating yourself after pampering two weeks ago, reconsider it because it has  benefits that involve feeling good and improving one’s mental state.

By Mary Angeline Joven

Facebook: SHE Canada Twitter: @SHECanada Instagram: @shecanada


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