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The Beauty Blender 2.0 is Here

Most makeup enthusiasts will agree the Beauty Blender has been the most revolutionary makeup tool in recent memory. Some of today's most popular beauty trends (under-eye highlighting, heavy countering, cream blush, etc.) were only made possible thanks to the Blender's unparalleled ability to melt makeup and skin into one. Of the countless of Blender knock-offs that have cropped up, none have been as remarkable nor as successful as the original. However, one new spongy creation has recently stepped onto the scene and threatens to overtake the Blender's crown: Meet, the SiliSponge.

Admittedly, "SiliSponge" is not the most elegant of portmanteaus (it sounds like it's describing a particularly goofy kitchen utensil), but it effectively communicates what this new invention is all about: a silicone sponge. Hong-Kong based website Molly Cosmetics is one of the first places to sell the SiliSponge and describes it as a "revolutionary way to apply makeup without dirtying your fingers or soaking up valuable product." The best part? It's affordable, ringing in at only 9 dollars.

Upon first glance, it's safe to say we're all thinking the same thing: The SiliSponge looks a helluva lot like a bra insert. (I would know, because bra inserts were a mainstay of my adolescence, back when I was desperate to give the illusion of an ample A-cup bust. Alas, I digress.)  Naturally, this makes us wonder: has the secret to perfect foundation application been silently dwelling in our underwear drawers all along?

The highly scientific journal Cosmo Magazine, decided to investigate this pressing quandary. They discovered that yes, chicken cutlets are indeed a more-than-suitable way to apply our chemic-ridden face paint, even producing better results than our hand-brushes (plebs call them "fingers"). You can read the top-secret classified results here.

My personal take? Chances are, I'll get my hands on the SiliSponge eventually, mainly because I'll try anything once. I'm attracted to its seeming ease-of-use and how it doesn't waste as much product as your traditional Beauty Blender and makeup brushes. But while I wait for it to ship from China, I just might go ahead and pull out one of my ol' faithful boob helpers from the dusty corner in which they currently reside. They've been feeling pretty lonely ever since I graduated to a B cup.

by Imaiya Ravichandran  

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