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Saskatchewan To Allow People to Remove Gender Designation from Birth Certificate

One of the first questions expecting parents get is "what are you having?" a similar question one would ask when dining out with a friend. Although the answer from expecting parents is probably a lot more exciting given the millennial penchant for gender reveals that flood our IG feeds. Although quite a few parents have opted for gender neutral festivities and continued this "neutral" outlook in the child's upbringing.

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Regardless this question might not be so cut and dry for Saskatchewans, where a court has recently ordered that the province allow gender markers to be removed from birth certificates, also allowing individuals under the age of 18 to apply for gender changes on documents. The Human Rights Commission of Saskatchewan was presented with two complaints from non-binary citizens and made the decision to take it to court, however the government agreed prior to the hearing that the Vital Statistics Act violates its Huamn Rights Code, allowing for it to be inclusive for non-binary citizens. This is a huge step for the non-binary population of Canada.

The new birth certificate form. Image courtesy of eHealth Saskatchewan


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