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Share the love with Lolë’s annual Yellow Label Program


This fall season give back and share the love with Lolë’s annual Yellow Label program! From October 11 to November 11 take part in Lolë’s Yellow Label program set out to promote responsible consumption and benefit families all across the country!

It’s really simple to get involved! All you gotta do is bring your preloved, slightly used jackets to your nearest Lolë store. Their team will professionally dry-clean and resell your jackets at a local pop-up shop in downtown Montreal. All proceeds generated from the resale will be donated to local food banks across Canada and the US! Plus, as a special thanks for your time and commitment Lolë will also be giving participating costumers a $50 coupon to be applied towards their next Lolë purchase!

Since the Yellow Label program began Lolë has donated 5,500 jackets, raised $412,890 and benefited over 2,000 families!

Share the love this holiday season with Lolë! Make sure to check for updates and ask any question at the Lolë website!

Emilio Llosa

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