Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is supposed to represent new beginnings. As we, hopefully, experience our last major snowstorm, everybody is getting ready to put away their puffy winter jackets and bulky boots and replace them with some cute floral print dresses.

While your wardrobe is transitioning into a more colourful scheme, why not take this time to also declutter and reorganize your life. That means starting with your room. You know what they say, out with the old (yes, just throw it away already), and in with the new.

Here are some creative cleaning tips:

1) Turn an old wine bottle rack into shelving for purses.

2) Save boxes you’ve received presents in or regular shoeboxes and use them as storage pieces.

3) It’s time to stop misplacing your keys. You’re a busy woman with places to be and people to see. Instead of leaving your keys around the house or forgetting where you’ve put them, buy a key holder. If you’re running low on money, hang lanyards and use them as a DIY option.

4) Hang necklaces and hats on hooks you can insert into the wall. This way, they can also serve as room décor.

5) Repurpose an old candle jar into a planter.

There is no secret to being organized, but with enough practice it does get easier.

By Rhea Braganza

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