Circa Releases short-doc about American war hero in Afghanistan “Rock”

The Circa-Sinclair Broadcast Group have recently released their latest documentary short "SABER ROCK", the harrowing story of an Afghani military translator turned American hero.

In 2008, Rock, a member of the Afghani military, was assigned to work with US Marines in one of the most violent, unstable regions of the country. The team made substantial progress - progress that did not go unnoticed by the Taliban militants. They eventually offered a large bounty on Rock's head, yet the translator refused to back down, his patriotism outweighing his fear. Still, his courage offered little protection against the powerful Taliban forces. His life is in peril every day.

The film will be streamed online via Ownzones Media Network for $2.99, with $1.00 of every download going towards bringing Rock to the United States.

Directed, produced and edited by documentarian journalists and brothers Matthew and Thomas Locastro, “SABER ROCK” premiered May 19 at the Laemmle’s Royal Theatre in Santa Monica, CA, as well as at the IFC Center in New York City and the Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn, NY.

The film is now available for download online and on most streaming platforms (including Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire and Roku).

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