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Organic Beauty – Good For Your Health?


Organic and cruelty-free beauty products are making big waves across the globe and Canada is no different as Canadian organic skincare drives growth worldwide. As the internet swells ever more, it seems people are becoming aware of the options that are out there. The evidence is in big retailers who are stocking Indian and Korean skincare brands with a focus on innovation, cruelty-free practices and organic ingredients spread across.

But, is it actually good for you? The word ‘organic’ seems to have a positive connotation, though some organic superfoods have been debunked as thoroughly bad for you. This article will help clue you up as to whether the anti-cruelty trend following and organic beauty products will benefit you.

Organic Makeup

 Organic makeup is the first step on the road for many trying new products. A perfectly crafted skincare routine is not often tampered with, for reasons looked at below. However, there is a wealth of organic makeup brands available which can cater to any skin type, situation and preferred makeup regimen. If you’re worried about the quality of your makeup, don’t be concerned - there are many brands out there with sufficient quality whilst being organic. However, in many cases, non-organic makeups are damaging to skin. Researchers at the University of Alberta found that many chemicals, such as parabens and sulfates, are damaging to the skin - and especially lips. This is especially prevalent in Western makeups, where historically they contained few vitamins - like E and C, vital to your skin's elasticity - and far too many of those aforementioned chemicals.

Natural Skincare

So, as nodded to in the previous section, skin care regimes are not something you necessarily want to tamper with. Finding the right cleanser, toner, moisturiser and serum, how to combine them, when to use them and can be a puzzle that takes careful time and attention and no small amount of hitches in the road. Your products could be damaging your skin, however. Many cleansers and toners still contain those sulfates which dry out your skin and make them susceptible to sun damage, whereas organic products and strong essential oils will benefit skin in the long run. Many of the best ingredients finding their way into skincare routines are now sourced from traditional recipes, such as those used in Ayurvedic medicine, due to its proven results in India, Sri Lanka and elsewhere. Don't be disheartened if you have breakouts or other side-effects from a new skincare routine! That's fine, and sort of to be expected.

Body Oils

Many people suffer from scars and stretches that can affect self-confidence and will resort to strong products that have the effect of bleaching skin or irritating sensitive outer layers. Once again, the chemicals in harsh products can cause issues. Beware of organic products here too, however. Many contain glycolic acids and other medical-sounding compounds that can have zero effect and potentially also irritate sensitive skin. Start slow, and be careful in your application - do this and the areas you're looking to bring a bit of a change to can be looking exactly how you want them to.

Organic products are good for your skin, generally speaking. They might not feel as powerful, but they can certainly do a good job. Either way, your skin will thank you in the long run for staying away from synthetic compounds and drying chemicals.

Editorial Courtesy: Jennifer Dawson

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