Back To School Edition – Backpacks


There's a certain weird feeling that comes to you once you come August. Whether you're 13 or 30, that “summer is ending". While we don't have to physically worry about heading back to school, we're still get overwhelmed by giant cardboard signs advertising pencils and clothing discounts. But there's something to be said for that nostalgic back to school feel. After all, the arrival of fall meant one of our favourite activities: Back-to-school shopping.

We thought why not we help you get through this overwhelming experience, so here we are with Back-to-school week. To start with we have picked few Backpacks for you based on fashion, utility and comfort.

1. Foldable Backpack, H&M $20

Looking for a backpack that you can fold away into a laptop bag based on your requirement day to day, here is what we found.


2. Laid back Backpack, Hollister $82

This backpack is so on point in terms of utility and trend. 3. Metallic Backpack, HXTN Supply $63 These metallic bags are so subtle, you will fall in love with them. 4. Satchel Backpack, ASOS $53 If you are not someone who can carry a backpack but want to for comfort, this backpack will serve you right.

5. Classic Backpack, Adidas $55

These backpacks never go out of fashion and are super comfortable. A must in every wardrobe.

We are sure you must have made your choice by the time to scroll to this line. Don't forget to check this space for more suggestions.

By Pinal Surana

Instagram: @shecanada Twitter: @shecanada Facebook: @shecanada


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