Consumer habits drive up imports of “risky goods” in Canada

A recent report by World Vision Canada says that Canadians could be purchasing billions of dollars in goods made by child labourers from other parts of the world. The report suggests imports of so-called risky goods into this country totalled $34-billion last year, up from $26-billion in 2012.

The report points to rising garment imports from Bangladesh, tomato imports from Mexico and footwear from India as reasons for consumers to check where products are made. They have also pointed to the government suggesting to enact new laws that would ensure businesses must reveal their suppliers. this way good from forced or child labourers can be easily revealed.

The 31 percent increase of risky goods should be a wake up call to politicians and consumers to take some action.
"21 million people have been coerced, trapped or intimidated into performing jobs, with 5.5 million of these forced labourers being children." says the report.

Should the government take the advice by World Vision Canada and take intensive action into finding which suppliers labour children? What do you think?

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By Maheen Malik

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