Children Headed to Immigration Court Alone

In the past two months news of U.S immigration officials separating families detained at the border has shook online media. The separation ties in with Trump's policy of "zero tolerance" with border crossing. In the aftermath of the separation of child from parent, the children are forced to go before a judge in Immigration Court with no legal representation and are essentially representing themselves. A recent video depicting children as young as 6 walking into the courtroom and being asked questions by the judge present. Since 2017 tens of thousands of children have stood in Immigration court without any representation. Children, according to the US court do not have a legal right to court appointed counsel in immigration court as it could be a strain on an "overextended immigration system". Although Trump's administration has stated they will be overturning the law that separates border crossing families, the already separated families will face emotional ramifications for years. Just over a week ago, thousands marched in Canada and the U.S protesting Trump's barbaric immigration policy   in a plea for the government to reunite the divided families. Celebrities such as John Legend have called out the Trump Administration for their cruel policy. Hopefully, thanks to rallying cries on social media and off and the celebrities using their platforms to speak out, the U.S government will be prompted to change their policy for the better.

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