Should Ryerson University Change its Name?

Across the border where our not so friendly neighbours to the south live, there have been controversies about taking down and removing historical structures that are reminders of America's historically racist past. Meanwhile, much closer to home here in Toronto there has been a similar debate surrounding the name of Ryerson University. The Ryerson Students Union has been fighting to rename the institution. The school was named after Egerton Ryerson, who was the architect behind the design of Residential Schools, a government creation that tore apart millions of Native American families, many who still feel the repercussions of that time. According to Ryerson President Mohamed Lachemi, it would be a “years-long process” Ryerson's professor marketing responded by saying that the change would cost millions of dollars, given that a font change for Ryerson 3 years ago cost $200,000. In the meantime, the students have been championing for more opportunities and events to celebrate the indigenous peoples of Canada. As well as the addition of a plaque next to the Egerton Ryerson statue highlighting his involvement in the Residential Schools.

By Daman Grewal.


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