How to Choose the Perfect Foundation

Trying to find that perfect foundation can be a real (and on-going) challenge. We sat down with Estée Lauder's Education Executive, Jason Hadikin, for advice on what to look for. Q: How can one go about finding a proper colour match? Finding a proper match of foundation should not be challenging. One of the best ways is to really sit down with a beauty expert and take the time to get matched properly. Estée Lauder counters have an iMatch Foundation Finder. This process matches a client with her exact foundation, and she is sent home with a 10 day supply of foundation to make sure it is the right one. Q: With all the different formulas available in the market – liquid, powder, cream, gel – how does one pick a formula that’s best? You have to ask yourself two easy questions. “What do I wish for in a foundation?” “How much time do I want to spend on my complexion? “ Asking these two questions will narrow it down. For example, maybe you are looking for a medium to full finish that’s moisturizing, but only have 3 minutes to get ready in the morning. For this I would recommend Estée Lauder Double Wear Make Up To Go. It’s the first liquid to go compact with a luminous 8 hour long wear. Or if you want to have a flawless semi matte finish with 15 hour long wear, try Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup. Q: Any tips for buying foundation online? This is tricky because foundation needs to be tested on the skin. If you are buying online, have an idea of the way the different shades of foundation look and feel before you purchase. Q: Is it better to wear a separate sunscreen or wear a foundation with sunscreen? Or should you layer both to “double up” the sun protection? This all depends in which type of environment your skin lives in. My personal opinion is to wear a moisturizer with a good sunscreen, then apply your foundation. Don’t rely on foundation alone for sun protection. If you are in hot climates I would use my moisturizer then a high SPF sunscreen, followed by my foundation or BB cream. Q: Should you change your foundation colour at different times of the year? You have to ask yourself, “has my skin color changed due to being outside?” If so, I would recommend going a shade darker. Q: Should you change the foundation formula at different times of the year? Any other tips? For lighter coverage in the summer, replacing foundation with a BB Cream, such as Estée Lauder DayWear Multi-Perfecting Beauty Benefit BB Creme.  

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