Getting the TIFF Treatment: Eyelash Extensions

The Toronto International Film Festival ushered in a plethora of our favourite celebs, from Rooney Mara to Ryan Gosling, and we at SHE Canada were lucky enough to get the inside look for what gets them all red carpet-ready. The team at Esthetics Plus, an aesthetics supplier and education facility based out of Edmonton, hooked us up with the Rolls Royce of spa treatments: the O2 lift and the increasingly popular eyelash extensions. Now don’t be fooled, these extensions are the furthest thing from the glue-on sets from your local drugstore. What makes Novalash stand out amongst its competitors is their Platinum Bond adhesive, making the lashes two times longer than their leading competitor. Novalash lasts a full 4 weeks, is water- and oil-proof, and remains jetblack, I became a lash convert. To book your Novalash appointment, Jolie Beauty Bar has you covered. Be prepared to spend lots of time in that chair because once you go Novalash, you can't go back (trust me!).

Comparing the before (top left) and after (top right)

Lying back on a spa table, my eyes closed and a CD of crickets chirping in the background of the private suite in the Trump Hotel, I felt like I was heading straight to the red carpet myself. My O2 Lift treatment I had received the day before, courtesy of the fantastic Image Skincare, had my skin glowing and clearer, more radiant, and smoother than it had ever been. As someone who has struggled with my skin since my adolescence, I was in shock by the immediate (and lasting) results. Before the treatment was over I was pestering the estheticians about where I could go to get my next one. If you're looking to indulge in this fantastic treatment, you can book a consultation with Redwood Medi Spa, one of the leading Image Skincare Spas in Toronto.

Skin sans makeup, a couple of hours after the treatment

Now one week later, my lashes and skin are still looking flawless. I may not have been one of the TIFF starlets, but one bat of my luscious and full lashes had me feeling like the streets of Toronto were my own red carpet. By ROWAN DALKIN To book your appointment at Jolie Beauty Bar, click here  To book your appointment at Redwood Medi Spa, click here Banner image courtesy of  

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