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Angelina Jolie Becomes the Face of New Guerlain Perfume

It's not often that we see Jolie's inhumanly beautiful face plastered on billboards and magazine advertisements. It would seem that she prefers to keep her presence in the media relevant to her humanitarian work and movies. In fact, her last major beauty campaign was for Shiseido way back in 2007. Since then, things have been rather quiet on the Jolie-campaign front. Until now. On January 23rd, a spokesperson for Guerlain announced that the actress-turned-director-tuned humanitarian would be the face of their newest perfume, Mon Guerlain. The perfume, set to launch in March of this year, is said to be inspired by the "choices, emotions, and dreams that embody modern femininity". Thierry Wasser, the brains behind the scenes (or the scent, I should say), claims he modelled the perfume after Jolie herself, employing her as a sort of muse. What makes this upcoming release particularly noteworthy is that Jolie will be donating her entire salary  to charity (how large of a donation and to which charity remains to be seem). This isn't the first time she's turned a large-scale media appearance into a charitable endeavour; recall the first pictures of twins Knox and Vivienne that were sold to People for a staggering 14$ million dollars, all of which was donated to the Jolie-Pitt Foundation. In the throes of a well-publicized divorce, Jolie's decision to partake in such a public campaign seems unusual. However, her decision might be more than just about business; in the press release, it was revealed that her late mother used a Guerlain powder when getting ready. The exact notes  of the perfume haven't been released, but we can only imagine it'll be sexy, feline, and seductive, much like its spokesperson. Or maybe she'll surprise us all and go with a gourmand scent, à la Candy by Prada. Whatever the case, we're sure it'll be a hit. by Imaiya Ravichandran

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