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Three of South Asia’s Most Dreamy Beach Destinations


These often overlooked beach destinations provide only a glimpse inside the paradisiacal world of South Asia.  El Nido, Philippines is the perfect destination if you crave adventure, stunning beaches, and savoury cultural food.  Phu Quoc, Vietnam is the perfect place to unwind on a tranquil white beach surrounded with turquoise waters and forget all your worries.  Visit Koh Phangan, Thailand if you are looking for a magical experience filled with night markets, herbal saunas, and their famous full-moon party.

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El Nido is a cluster of islands situated on the tip of the province of Palawan just a one hour flight from Manila, the capital.  Spend all day exploring the crystalline waters and majestic rock formations, or enjoying the breathtaking scenery from one of it's exquisite beaches.   The actual town boasts amazing restaurants with  many hotels that are also budget friendly.

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When you think of exotic beaches, Vietnam might not be the first place that comes to mind, but this island located in the Gulf of Thailand has some of the most exquisite secluded beaches.  It is often not visited by tourists; in fact this island is just starting to make it's debut in the travel industry.  Take a taxi drive through fishing villages and around jungles to arrive at a beach that is the definition of serene.

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Koh Phangan, Thailand is an electric city alive with exotic splendor during the day and moonlit parties at night.  Attend it's monthly full-moon beach party and night markets filled with ethnic souvenirs.  Rejuvenate at the renowned Baan Tai Herbal Sauna, and admire Koh Phangan's stunning views of lush green mountains.


By Larissa Bons


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