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How to Style Satin For The Summer


Satin is the new summer fabric, its fluid look and light material make it perfect for the heat. The popularity of satin is increasing and it supposably will become this summer’s new velvet. The best thing about satin is that it’s so versatile! You can wear it with florals or geometrics, in neutral or bright colours, and can pair it with almost anything.


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Kendall Jenner is an expert in wearing satin. Here, she uses a lacy Gucci camisole to bring a more feminine tone to her edgey look. Use a black or white lace camisole if you want something to wear that's more stylish then the regular basics.

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Another Kardashian that avidly wears satin is Kim. Here she uses it to make a statement whilst staying comfortable. This look is perfect for when you don't want to get out of bed but still need to make an appearance for work. If you are looking to make an impact try styling a satin robe into your wardrobe, either by matching it with satin pants like Kim or using it as a cardigan.

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If you have any satin slips you can now wear your pj's in public! Hailey Baldwin wears a simple satin dress and pairs it with a chiffon blouse for a night out. This is the most popular way to wear satin, if you want to dress your slip up you can pair it will a blouse or wear a cute t-shirt under it.

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Alexa Chung wears a plain satin blouse with jean shorts for a casual look. An easy way to dress up the blouse is wearing it with a corset top or corset belt to give it more form and add detail to your outfit.

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