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Fall Favourites


It is officially October! As the fall season has arrived, us here at SHE Canada have picked out a few of our Fall Favourites.

Fall Beverages: Everyone knows that October and fall means that Pumpkin Spice Latte's are back! Originally made popular by Starbucks, everyone's favourite fall beverage can now be found almost everywhere! Tim Horton's is now spicing up their Ice Capps by introducing their new Pumpkin Spice Ice Capp for those warmer fall days! McDonald's has also hopped on board introducing their own Pumpkin Spice Latte as a part of their McCafe Fall Drink Menu.

Fall Movies: Fall weather is a great excuse to stay cuddled up at home watching a movie! This fall season we suggest the 1999 classic "Fly Away Home". This movie is a great coming of age story of a father and daughter rebuilding their relationship as they help a family of geese fly south for the winter. Filmed in our very own Ontario Canada the movie displays beautiful scenic shots of our Canadian Autumnal wilderness, making it the top pick for our favourite fall movies!

Fall Activities: Whether you are looking for cute date ideas or a fun day with the family, the fall season is filled with great outdoor activities! Apple picking? Corn maze? Hay rides? All these activities can be done at many of our local farms found around the Greater Toronto Area. Farms such as Cooper's Farm and Maze as well as Forsythe Family Farms provide all these activities and more! The farms are open all day in October and provide activities for all ages. From petting zoo's to strawberry picking these farms are a MUST during the fall season!

Fall is a beautiful time of the year here in Canada! Make sure to take advantage of all the great things that come with fall, and let us know what are your fall favourites?


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