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14th Dubai International Film Festival 2017 Takes-Off


Glittering stars from entertainment world from various countries including Hollywood and Bollywood kick started the 14th Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) in Dubai on Dec 6 and will run through today, Dec 13, 2017.

Sonam Kapoor

  The likes of Australian actress and two time Oscar winner Cate Blanchett, Bollywood actor Irffan Khan, legendary stage and screen icon Sir Patrick Stewart, Sonam Kapoor, Hend Sabri, singer and actress Vanessa Williams, David Harbour, Youssra, Mona Wassef and many more graced the red carpet night.  

Cate Blanchett

The festival took-off with the premiere of Scott Cooper’s Western masterpiece, “Hostiles-starring Christian Bale and Rosamund Pike which was the first one amongst more than 140 films from 51 countries to be screened at the festival.


Vanessa Williams

As the festival is meant to acknowledge the good works of artist from several countries, opening ceremony this year, recognized those whose work has made an impact on audience and to the world of cinema.

Sir Patrick Stewart


The four recipients at this year’s Festival were renowned Egyptian writer Wahid Hamed, for his prolific and impactful influence on cinema believed to resonate for generations to come; legendary talent of stage and screen Sir Patrick Stewart, for a decades-long career of iconic cinema was awarded Lifetime Achievement Award, celebrated Indian actor Irrfan Khan, whose unique work has made waves across Indian and global screens and internationally acclaimed Australian actress Cate Blanchett.


Irrfan Khan

One point of discussion at the festival was Saudi Arab’s decision to reopen cinemas in 2018. Why it makes pertinent news is because reopening of cinemas there is permitted first time since early eighties which is a revolutionary decision as the people of that country would be able to enjoy movies in cinemas rather than waiting for digital copies becoming available to watch them. Prominent figures from the industry were heard expressing their optimistic views about this decision. Echoing the same sentiments, DIFF Managing Director, Shivani Pandya seemed excited at the news, defining the region as biggest potential market, “It’ll be fantastic for the region and give us a much more substantial audience base, which in turn will increase the regional market’s profile internationally,” she said.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is set to close the 14th Dubai International Film Festival which is eighth installment in the Star Wars franchise.

By: Sushma Shahabadi

Image Courtesy: DIFF

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