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World Food Day Continues to Spread Awareness about Hunger Around the World


World Food Day (WFD) was created in 1945 by the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization in order to create awareness about hunger and poverty around the world while coming up with actions for change. WFD also promotes healthy eating, food security, environmental issues, and innovations in agriculture. Every October 16th, groups and NGO's come together to provide food to impoverished countries around the world!

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FIFA U-17 and the Local Organizing Committee had partnered with Feeding India to improve hunger and malnutrition in the country. One of their events this year included feeding 70 girls in a shelter home in Delhi. In fact, the largest soup kitchen in the world, which operates all year, is also located in India and feeds 100k-300k people per day at the "Golden Temple" in the city of Amritsar.

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Approximately 98% of worldwide hunger is relevant in underdeveloped countries. Statistically, about 1 in every 15 children in countries of poverty die due to hunger-related illnesses before the age of 5. On the other hand, several countries around the world have achieved great success in reducing hunger including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Cuba, Georgia, Ghana, Kuwait, and Thailand. It is possible to turn things around! Something that everyone can do today and the rest of the year is not to waste food! On average, people throw out 2 1/2 plates of food in a week. Let's get in on this and think before we throw out our food!


By: Alaina Pawlowicz

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