‘Tis the true Olympic Spirit

You don’t always have to cross the finish line in the first few spots to qualify as a winner. As demonstrated by New Zealand’s Nikki Hamblin yesterday, true sports spirit dictates a love for the sport and compassion for those who run with you. As runners sprinted towards the finish line in the women’s 5,000 meter heat in Rio yesterday, Hamblin collided with Abbey D’Agostino from the US, who fell on the track. Instead of continuing her race, Hamblin turned back to pick up D’Agostino and encourage her to continue on. Hamblin finished in 16th place while D’Agostino struggled and earned the last spot. The celebrated this accomplishment with a heart-warming hug and a grin that would have one mistake them for winners. However they both won the hearts of an entire audience and the moment has found favour with everyone around the world as well. hamblin-dagostino Later they protested the race because of the collision and were allowed to participate in the final run this Friday. Whatever the result of that one, we already have another Olympic moment to savour and both these ladies are winners in our books already.

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