Terror attack at Ariana Grande’s Concert in Manchester

On Monday May 22nd, explosions killed 22 people and injured over 50. Shortly after the performance was done, the audience were surprised by a loud noise described as a "huge bang". There were many from the audience that were injured and taken to the hospital once aid arrived. The victims included many young teens and children. The witnesses from the concert described the experience as horrifying as many people piled out of the exits, with injured and dead people lying on the floors. Manchester and UK authorities have sealed off the building with continued investigation.

Many British people are coming together due to this unfortunate incident. There have been reports of taxi drivers offering free rides to everyone in that area, as well as providing them with some food and water. Hotels have also reportedly taken in children and teens that can't seem to find their home or parents.

Ariana Grande, who wasn't hurt in the explosion has tweeted since then apologizing to her fans.

CNN confirmed Tuesday morning that Grande would suspend her tour in wake of the attack. Ariana's management also put out a lengthier statement mourning for the lives of her fans.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this tragic incident.

By Maheen Malik

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