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Moment of Triumph for Muslim Women- Indian Supreme Court’s Triple Talaq Verdict Out!


It was the constitution of five judges in India who heard the petition filed by Muslim women who had challenged the 1400 year old practice of triple talaq.  Five judges from different faiths announced the judgement against this practice.


Hon'ble Supreme Court declared that Muslim practice of triple talaq or instant divorce by uttering “talaq (divorce)” three times is “illegal and sinful”.

Triple talaq verdict in favour of Muslim women is a historic decision by Hon’ble Supreme Court (SC) of India and victory for women who have struggled through this stigma for years.

As unfair as it could be, men would pronounce their 'verdict' in a situation like drunken state, even worst- on Whatsapp, which women would bear the brunt for life to further damaging their self esteem, family life and future.


Though banned in countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh, India was yet to pass this ruling against such practice due to various pressures from all sorts of religious institutions who did not deem it fit for women to have a law which would protect them from such wrath where they had no choice but to abide by it. The sad part- those religious leaders would quote Holy Quran for this illogical practice.

Many women groups had been fighting against this unruly practice by men and this is the triumph moment for all those who would otherwise likely be suffering in future as several men take it as their right to utter these three words irrespective of the situation these actually need to be uttered in.


Women from Muslim intelligentsia out rightly have been rejecting such unruly behaviour but what it needed was a legal stamp to stop those who would play this card of self styled hooliganism in situations to benefit themselves than their wives.

It is unfortunate that religion is quoted by those who try to authenticate this practice in the name of God.

Indeed it is a great step towards women empowerment especially for those who would always live in fear of having to hear those three words any time there was a minor conflict with their husbands.

Not only women of every faith but political parties, celebrities from different fields of work and men-women in general have welcomed this decision. There were celebrations everywhere, additionally twitter and other social media platforms could be seen bombarded with discussions praising this verdict.


Seems this is the beginning of a time when Muslim women do not have to go through turbulent times at the hands of their better halves and also those who would daringly support this dangerous ideology.

Surely it will bring positivity amongst not only women but also those men who always supported women's fight against this practice. This decision by SC also reaffirms faith in law of the land which always makes sure to create a conducive environment where its women who are also called the creators of humankind to breathe and live free.

By: Sushma Shahabadi

       Image Courtesy: Indian Express

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