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Missguided: #MakeYourMark Campaign


One of UK's top clothing brands "Missguided" is challenging the way we perceive beauty and our body. Their new campaign #MakeYourMark promotes body positivity. Missguided has now joined the few brands like Mod Cloth, Aerie, & Other Stories, and Asos, that are focusing on size inclusivity and body positivity.

It launched in November and aims to stop retouching cellulite, and stretch marks on the picture of their models. The brand wants their fans to #KeepBeingYou by encouraging them to embrace their flaws, love themselves unconditionally, and exude confidence. Samantha Helligso, the head of the Missguided brand expressed that “The campaign name mainly signifies women making their mark on society overall — standing up to unrealistic beauty standards and supporting the progress of a body-positive movement"... “It’s also about anything physical you see on your body, stretch marks or otherwise. We want women to embrace what the world has previously made us perceive as flaws,she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

The brand is taking the initiative to turn this campaign into an actual movement by setting up a global 4-week giveaway that all of their consumers can partake in.

Models involved in the campaign, as well as fans of the brand, have taken to social media to support and show their excitement for this campaign


By Chizzy Obilonu

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