Lingerie Company Anita partners with Look Good Feel Better to provide breast health education in Canada


Anita, a 132-year-old German-based lingerie and swimwear company and Look Good Feel Better (LGFB), a Canadian charity that helps women rebuild their confidence and self-esteem after cancer treatment, launches a 5-year partnership to provide breast health education and mastectomy bra expertise to cancer-stricken women in Canada.

The primary aim of the collaboration is to assist Canadian women with cancer "restore their confidence and well-being" by providing workshops that involve presentations on picking mastectomy bras, managing lymphedema, bra types, and many more. By doing this, negative effects of cancer can be mitigated and women can "feel more like themselves again".

LGFB has been providing emotional support to women with cancer since 1992. Image courtesy of LGFB UK.

Both the company and charity will also be working with speciality stores to establish Look Good Feel Better and Anita Certified Retailers, which will ultimately provide clients with a positive experience when it comes to bra-fitting.

For further information on the workshops, please click here.

Look Good Feel Better Canada

Look Good Feel Better Canada

Look Good Feel Better Canada

Look Good Feel Better Canada

By: Franz Tabora

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