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Kuwaiti Instagram Influencer Faces Backlash Over Controversial Remarks on Filipino workers


Sondos Alqattan, a Kuwaiti Instagram beauty influencer is facing international backlash and criticism on what she said about Filipino domestic workers in an Instagram video she posted on July 10.

Earlier in May, Kuwait and Manila signed a deal to improve working conditions for Filipino domestic workers in Kuwait. The law ensures  Filipino workers one day off per week and that employers can no longer keep their passports. Alqattan brought her views on the law change to Instagram, “How can you have a servant at home who keeps their own passport with them? And what's worse is they have one day off every week. I don't want a Filipino maid anymore.”

Alqattan’s remark has sparked outrage internationally and many have condemned her words and demanded an apology. Many beauty brands that Alqattan works with like Phyto and MAC have cut ties with her to clarify their stance on the issue.

It is truly enraging to see influencers, especially with a huge following (2.3 million), demonstrate such degrading behaviour. Out of anyone, it is most important for employers to understand the rights of employees, and what Alqattan has said shows unacceptable and ridiculous ignorance. If you think she would apologize and change due to the backlash, you’re wrong, just yesterday in her official statement, she shows no signs of guilt or apology. According to the latest news, she’s even vowed to have her followers boycott the brands that sever ties with her and calls the criticism on her attacks on Islam, the Hijab and Kuwait.

Cases like such once again reveal the truths behind glamorous social media accounts and remind us to be better people.

By Crystal Shum

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