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Jeffree Star Cosmetics expands in Canada!


Jeffree Star fans in Canada are beyond excited to witness the expansion of the makeup icon's cosmetic line in the province of Quebec! Starting October 28th, you can get your hands on Star's glam-packed products at ZAZZ and Eleganza boutique and online stores. The line, which primarily consists of long-lasting lipsticks and palettes, is inspired by self-confidence and growth - learning to love the real self by experimenting and taking risks. Star, who has been obsessed with makeup since he was 13, is currently one of the most highly sought after makeup artists because of his incomparable artistry underpinned by the idea of breaking gender roles. If you are unaware of the fruit of his hard work, you may view the cosmetic line here.

Image courtesy Jeffree Star Cosmetics

By: Franz Tabora

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