Carnage in Quetta

  Late Monday saw more death and chaos in Pakistan and suicide bombers and terrorists attacked the New Sariab Police Training College in Quetta, the capital city of southwestern Balochistan province. More than 60 deaths and over a hundred injuries resulted from the hours’ long attack on the academy that also saw three attackers dead. The most alarming thing about this attack was that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack though the paramilitary force in the province, the Frontier Corps. Claim that the attack was carried out by the Lashkar-e-Jhanvi. LeJ has been linked to AL Qaeda and is often the mastermind behind deadly attacks on the country’s Shiite Muslims. Pakistan’s military had admitted to the presence of ISIS and its supporters in the country in September this year and carried out a wide sweep of arrests to prevent attacks in the country, they claimed. Neither Quetta in Balochistan, Pakistan’s most volatile province, nor the country as a whole are new to terrorist attacks. More than 72 people, most of them lawyers were killed in twin attacks in August this year when gunmen attacked and killed a leading lawyer, Bilal Kasi, and followed up with a suicide attack at the hospital where his body was brought and where people had gathered to mourn his loss. In December 2014, terrorists had laid siege to and massacred more than 140 people, most of them children at the Army Public School in Peshawar

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