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Blue Monday: How to Beat those Blues


Feeling blue today? Marked as an official day by Sky Travel, today is the most depressing day of the year. The travel agency created the day to persuade people to book a summer holiday in January. Blue Monday always falls on the third Monday of the month. After the holidays, it is difficult to pay off those Christmas debts, face failed New Year's resolutions, and wait for the next Christmas to come.

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On a positive note, new findings by psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall actually discovered that January is a time when most people tend to plan what they want to achieve in the year ahead of them. Post-New Years partying, Dr Arnall is changing the perspective of Blue Monday by encouraging others to meet new people, take up a new hobby, or make a career change if you are unhappy in your current occupation.

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In case there are some people out there that are facing the blues today, here are some things that can soothe the soul!

  • Exercise- Simply taking a walk or going to the gym can change a person's mood for the day!
  • Smile and laugh!- Smiling and laughter improve one's health and both are contagious, so why not?
  • Lights- Doctors say that sitting in front of fluorescent lights for about 20 minutes brightens the day in every sense!
  • Make plans for the evening!- See a movie or go out to dinner with a loved one.

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If you are feeling depressed or face anxiety throughout this season, make sure to speak to a doctor, friends, or family. There is also an Ontario Helpline (1-866-351-2600) and web chat which can be accessed by clicking here.

By: Alaina Pawlowicz

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