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Back To School Edition – Fashion


We know you are excited to shop for school but before you start, make a list of clothing items you will need to get through this semester. We have picked some very classic pieces that are here to rule and don't go out of fashion soon.

1. Polo T-shirts

After what feels like decades of polo shirts being the #1 choice for weekend dads, the classic top has gotten a much-needed upgrade. Floral prints, stripes, and oversized fits are just a few of the new styles you can find.

Crop Polo T-shirt, Hollister $27

2. Knee Socks

While these may remind you a little too much of your school uniform days, of late, knee socks are having a moment; classic colours and bold logo-ed styles, alike. Give any outfit a boost with a pair of these bad boys.

Knee socks, H&M $10

3. Sweater Vests

Yes, you read that right. The last time sweater vests had their time in the spotlight was probably when Marissa Cooper wore a different pastel-coloured style during every single episode circa season 2 of The O.C., but we're thinking it's time for a reboot. The key to mastering the look without channelling a schoolboy is all in the layering. Throw one over a coloured shirt with an excess of jewellery and you've got the perfect BTS look.

V-neck Sweater Vest, Twik $49

4. Plaid Skirt

Unless you want to look a little too much like another copycat of a Hit Me Baby One More Time Britney Halloween costume, we suggest taking a milder approach with plaid skirts. Opt for an oversized graphic T-shirt for an edgier take or keep it simple with a pair of sneakers. Whatever you choose, there's arguably nothing more BTS-appropriate than one of these.

Pastel Plaid Skirt, Urban Outfitters $59

5. Turtleneck Sweater

For a second, let's enter a dream world where it's not 90+ degrees outside and we can actually enjoy the wonderful qualities of the turtleneck. They're cosy and warm and great for layering. Match one with a plaid mini skirt for the traditional BTS look or layer it underneath a summer dress to get the most out of your warm-weather investments.

Turtleneck Sweater, GAP $65

By Pinal Surana

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