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6th HUM Awards 2018!!


Yes, you read that right! Last year, celebrities might have bombarded your Instagram feed with ‘Lahore vs. Karachi’ debate as the 5th Hum Awards took place in the ‘city of gardens’ i.e. Lahore. However, this year will surely witness loads of ‘CN Tower selfies’ which is one of the most historic landmarks in Toronto, in case you didn’t know.                                              

As reported by the official Facebook page of HUM awards’, Toronto is going to be the celeb fans delight this year. Also, to woo the audiences, the page shared a video featuring the vivacious beauty Yumna Zaidi asking the audience to guess the destination of the much talked about awards this year before the location was revealed.

Hum awards are one of the most glamorous and prestigious awards ceremonies which are anticipated by both the celebs and the masses alike. And needless to say, every year experiences a phenomenal growth in the ceremonial event.

With the awards being held in Toronto this time around, the drama and film buffs are naturally much more excited. However, it’s surely going to be a challenge for HUM TV’s management to organize the show in Toronto.


By Pinal Surana

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