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Get Fuller Looking Lashes and Brows With Rapid Lash!


Just like every woman even I love makeup, especially a lot of mascara but over time I realized my natural lashes were becoming scanty. Every time I removed eye makeup I saw my 1 on 2 lashes on the wipes so decided to do something more than just applying mascara to make them look fuller.

After a long research, I came across RapidLash products and thought of taking my chance.

This stuff is amazing and it works! I just finished my first bottle and it lasted about two months. I use a good amount though, every night, top and bottom. I also use RapidBrow on my brow where I have a bald patch. I wondered if they'll ever grow in that spot since castor and other things seem to not work.

And I was pretty shocked when I saw the results on my lashes especially, for lashes it's been really amazing. I will admit my lashes weren't short or sparse (maybe because I use Vaseline with cocoa butter every night for years) but who doesn't want a little more!? In just two months they looked fuller.

I also wanted to talk about volume vs length. I don't really have the problem of not having volume from this like others do. I think it does add a little of volume, but I don't know how it works with our bodies and hair follicles but I did have one area that was sparser on the bottom and I feel it's filling in a little. I think that will take longer to see though since they have to start from nothing as opposed to the rest which is growing just a little but we see it quicker.

But I feel prettier without makeup now, too. I used to always reach out for mascara but now I really have that without and with mascara it's even more so. Especially the last few lashes have a few extra long strands which add such a pretty look. I bought two more and I plan on using them continuously. I will update if I get weirdly long and have to stop, but I sort of doubt it.

By Pinal Surana

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