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Kajol Corrects ‘Beef’ Dish Video Trolls

Indian superstar Kajol was trolled over the Internet for posting a photo of a ‘beef’ dish that one of her friends had prepared. The actress later corrected the post, stating that it was actually buffalo meat (which is legally available) that was used and not beef.

The clarification came, as Kajol did not want to offend anyone’s religious beliefs, as this is a sensitive matter in the Hindu majority country, where cows are considered sacred and are strictly off-limits.

On a grander scale, though, what does this represent? Kajol did not have to face any direct consequences for her actions, but in the past, those who are not as famous may be more susceptible to repercussions. Most influential figures in India stay away from promoting their own ideologies, instead, opting to support pro-established comments. Is Indian culture just being “oversensitive” or are these the types of things that shape the country's core belief systems.

By Rhea Braganza

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