Peel School Board ‘Vigilant’ Over Cash Prize For Muslim Students Praying Video

The Peel District School Board has been allowing Muslim students to pray on Fridays. However, a man named Kevin J. Johnson made a video on YouTube bribing students to capture a session of it on video and submit it to him for $1000. Johnson, who is opposed to the idea of religious accommodations being made in any public schools, is hoping to find hate speech occurring during one of the sessions. Johnson insists that he is not racist, but just a proud Canadian.

The Peel School Board stands by its decision to allow Muslim pray groups, as it is a part of the Ontario Human Rights Code. The Board advises those supervising the prays to now be extra observant if they see anyone trying to film the students.

The Peel Region police’s Diversity Unit is also looking into the video. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau openly criticizes it as well.

By Rhea Braganza

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