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Walking in a Winter(licious) Wonderland

Seasoned foodies and culinary philistines alike can rejoice come January 27th because Winterlicious is finally back in town! Ever since its inception in 2013, this 13-day long food extravaganza has offered Torontonians the opportunity to dine at some of the city’s finest establishments without having to foot a steep bill. This year, more than 220 restaurants are scheduled to participate, making it the largest Winterlicious yet. The appeal of the festival lies in its affordable pricing scheme; lunch and dinner are offered as fixed menus at three different price points. Lunch menus are $18,$23, and $28, and dinner menus are $28, $38, and $48. With such a wide selection of price points and restaurants to choose from, you might assume that space is plentiful and reservations are not necessary – but think again! Restaurants seats fill up fast, so make your reservations while you still can. But if you don’t manage to snag a seat at the hottest spot in town, don’t fret! Winterlicious also offers patrons the opportunity to partake in a host of other culinary-based activities. This year’s most promising event looks to be A Decadent Taste of Canada. Described as an “immersive and entertaining culinary experience”, this night-long bash is hosted at the breathtaking Palais Royale in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday. On the night of, you’ll be able to enjoy all that Canadian cuisine has to offer; from oxeye daisy capers (a Northwest Territiories delight) to Evangeline bouillabaisse (a Nova Scotian specialty) the whole country is at your fingertips. We here at SHE have compiled a list of 3 of the most enticing  South Asian restaurants available on this year’s roster. Read on for a brief description of each restaurant, a summary of what people are saying on Yelp, and what you’ll be paying. As the French would say, bon appétit! Aga Khan Museum 77 Wynford Dr 416-646-4670 Midtown, North Toronto Description: Enjoy a spectacular view of the Aga Khan Park while sampling food inspired by the Middle East, North Africa, and the Indian subcontinent.  (courtesy of agakhanmuseum.org)  Yelp Buzz: 4/5 stars “The whole menu here is an elevated version of dishes I've experienced before, but with better ingredients and more finesse.” Nadya “ No one says this, but you are forced to pay $10 to park there, so make sure to factor that into your budget if you are coming.” Patricia “The crowning glory was the warm Egyptian coconut pudding - Um Ali. Soft and moist but crunchy on top, perfectly complemented by the cinnamon ice cream and mint leaves.” Rarecat Pricing: Lunch only, 28$ 778 St Clair Ave W 416-342-1906 West Toronto Description: Pukka is a forward-thinking take on Indian cuisine that is unparalleled in Canada. A restaurant brimming with character, the space creates an energetic, engaging atmosphere. (Courtesy of pukka.ca) Yelp Buzz: 4/5 stars “Seriously, Pukka is amazing. It combines all of my favourite things: culinary creativity, clean design, and excellent service” Marta “If you like it spicy, make sure to tell them beforehand. The dishes are not spicy at all by default.” Kirk “Highly recommend the string chaat, which combined tasty string cut vegetables mixed in with fruit for a sweeter taste. This was my favourite dish on the menu” Alison Pricing: Dinner only, $28 552 Mount Pleasant Rd 647-748-0220 Midtown Description: : Marigold Indian Bistro provides a warm and inviting atmosphere for meetng with friends after work, spending a romantic evenng ouf on the town, or taking the family out to dinner at a Toronto Indian restaurant. (Courtesy of marigoldbistro.ca) Yelp Buzz: 4/5 stars “If you're looking for a solid Indian restaurant with a modern interior and vibe, Marigold is the place to go!’ Krystal “Stand out was the eggplant bharta. Smoky and delightful.” Jojo “We were told food would take no more than 60 minutes to arrive and it ended up taking one hour and 20 minutes, which we found very disappointing” Robyn Pricing: Dinner only, $28 by Imaiya Ravichandran

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