New Circles Community Services welcome Syrian Refugees

The not-for-profit organization New Circles Community Services is no stranger to helping out those in need. In fact, that's exactly what they're known for. The New Circles Community Services is a grass-roots agency that helps to build strong and caring communities by providing basic necessities, such as shelter, food and free clothing, to people living in poverty. Last year alone they helped over 4,978 families and distributed over 170,000 items of clothing. Although they aim to help people throughout Toronto, their focus is on the residents of Thorncliffe Park, Flemingdon Park, Victoria Village and Taylor-Massey, many of whom are immigrants to Canada. Last year, New Circles was inspired like many of us by the outpour of support and the warm welcome that Syrian refugees received from those across the GTA. However, this year there have been some global trends that suggest a deepening divide in their collective response to these crises. As a way to combat that, New Circles wants to continue to welcome newcomers from around the world with open arms, as their wide network of supporters who continue to share their belief that a diverse communities make us stronger. This holiday season, they are inviting you to share this spirit through their Warm Welcomes gift catalogue. Here, you can purchase a meaningful gift from a loved one for as little as $10 with their Comfort Kit. All gifts support programs help newcomers settle successfully and you could potentially help a teen attend their prom or a newcomer woman get retail training. New Circles was recently recognized at the Association of Fundraising Professionals annual Congress on Wednesday, November 23. They were honoured to receive the Mo Davies Award for Excellence in Fundraising by a Small Organization. By Kelsey Seepersad Banner image courtesy of: New Circles Community Services.

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