SHEReviews: Anti-Dust Sheet Masks from JAYJUN Cosmetics

JayJun Cosmetics touts a type of sheet mask that may sound unconventional, and you may be wondering what the heck "anti-dust" even means. This term is due to the fact that Korea has a pollution crisis that is only continuing to spike, and they suffer from high concentrations of fine dust particles that contain sulfur and other carcinogens. Due to this, it is normal to see citizens in Korea wearing surgical masks to protect their lungs. This 3-step Anti-Dust Brightening Mask is a direct response to this crisis, and we will look at the items below to see if they really live up to their hype.

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The Product

Unlike most sheet masks, JC has every packet contain three different products:
  1. Anti-Dust Luminous Mask: contains skin brightening Niacinamide
  2. Anti-Dust Luster Ampoule: sleeping pack that helps lighten the color of melanin
  3. Anti-Dust Eyes Under Corrector: skin brightening and wrinkle care

How To Use

  1. After cleansing, apply the Luminous Mask over your face. Peel off after 20 minutes. Gently pat the rest of the essence onto your skin.
  2. Take an appropriate amount of the Luster Ampoule and apply evenly on your skin.
  3. At the end, use the Eyes Under Corrector around your eye area.


After two weeks of use and using it 3 times a week, I have decided that the Anti-Dust set is good, but not my favorite. The Luminous Mask is packed with milky essence, and even after 20 minutes my mask was still wet. After removing it, my skin couldn't absorb the essence properly and was a sticky layer over my face. I ended up rinsing some of it off, but afterwards my skin was honestly glowing and it brightened up my dark spots! However, I couldn't apply the ampoule and eye cream afterwards as my skin wasn't absorbing it properly. Instead, I used them the morning after, and you can ration out the portion to make them last for a few days. The Luster Ampoule wasn't very special, but it went into my skin easily. I did like the Eyes Under Corrector, which was a thick and creamy yellow paste that actually moisturized my dry under eye and left my skin bright. However, I probably wouldn't purchase this pack again.

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