A Mini Guide to Exfoliating your Skin

Exfoliation helps improve the texture and tone of your skin. It can be done in two methods; chemically and physically. Both methods work to remove dead skin cells from the outer layer of skin. Physical Exfoliation
  • Using a sponge, towel, brush
  • Using a microbead scrub/ sugar scrub
Chemical Exfoliation
  • Use of AHAs - Alpha hydroxy acids
  • Use of BHAs- Beta hydroxy acids or enzymes
As winter comes to an end, incorporating exfoliating methods into your shower routine will help you get rid of the dead skin accumulation. Even if you are not a frequent exfoliator, you can start anytime and you will see instant results. How often should you exfoliate? Everyones skin is different therefore, the amount of times per week will very per person. Depending on your skin, your can exfoliate every two days or 1-3 times a week. Understanding your skin and its needs will help to decipher the type of exfoliation method that suits you. For instance: People who have sensitive skin are better off using exfoliants that that are mild. Those with inflammatory and hypersensitive skin should consult with dermatologists before starting routines to make sure they are not too abrasive for your skin. Face
  • Using your desired tool; Kongjac sponge, Spin brush, Facial brush,
  • Gently massage desired product into the skin for as long as specified and rinse wit warm water
  • Apply moisturizer after
Body Feet
  • Using tools like exfoliating file or pumice stone,
  • Scrub dead skin with tool and sugar/ salt scrub for feet
  • Rinse off and apply foot cream
  • Wear socks overnight for supple skin.
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