Maui Moisture Review


Curly hair is hard to handle, all the tangles and frizz and not really knowing what your hair is going to look like when you wake up. Another thing is forever searching for affordable natural products that are right for your hair.  

I’ve tried so many different types of hair products, the ones from salons, the all natural ones, and none of them seem to completely work. Especially because now I know how bad some of the ingredients in hair products actually are for you! Sulfate is common in shampoo and it can strip your hair of natural oils and dry it out. Silicone is often used in conditioners to make your hair shine, but it’s not natural. It creates a barrier between your hair and moisture, this makes it look shiny, but over time it will weigh down your hair and make it dull and limp. Trying to stay away from these ingredients and get inexpensive hair products is hard, but now I’ve been introduced to Maui Moisture.

Maui Moisture is a brand that focuses on using natural ingredients. Their products are vegan, gluten, paraben, silicone, and sulfate free and have an aloe vera juice and coconut water base. I have the Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Shampoo, the matching Conditioner, and the Curl Smoothie from the collection. I love the whole collection, using just the shampoo and conditioner has made my hair feel softer than after I use a hair mask. But, the most impressive product is the Curl Smoothie.

An important detail about the Curl Smoothie product is that the reviews show it works for all curly hair types. I have 3a curls and it feels perfect for my hair and there’s also reviews from people with 4c hair types saying it works amazing for them as well. I only put a quarter of a palm amount in my hair when it’s wet and when it dries I put about around the same to smooth down remaining frizz. I find when the product I’m using is too oily that my hair gets more frizzy because the curls don’t shape together, but this product is thick enough to give your hair a soft, weightless, and defined look.

Overall, I love these products! You can get your hands on it at Shoppers Drugmart, Walmart, or their online store.

Bailey Scheepers

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