Get Glowing with these Rejuvenating Face Masks

Face masks come in so many forms and brands, but it's well agreed that using them provides an instant glow to your skin- or, at the very least, provides the moisture needed for a healthy appearance. The variety of options may seem too dizzying to decide on the best option, so here's a summary of functions for the different types.


Peeling masks are exactly what they sound like- you apply the mixture onto your face, and then peel it off once it's completely dry. Peeling masks help remove dead skin and absorbs excess oil. Most recommend using these masks once or twice a week. This fun collaboration between Glamglow and Hasbro features sparkles that are infused with licorice and marshmallow leaf.  

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Sheet masks are made out of cotton and are drenched in serums with different ingredients to target whatever concerns you may have, be it dryness, wrinkles or acne. Some use these once a week, whereas others may go for a daily usage. Too Cool for School uses a cute mask with 24k gold and pumpkin extract to provide you with a radiant lift to your skin.


Clay masks are popular choices for those with oily skin, as they can absorb your excess sebum as well as clearing clogged pores. You apply the solution onto your face, and when it's dry but still a little sticky, make sure to wash it off. At that point your skin has absorbed the ingredients, and if you leave the mask on for any longer it'll be more drying than helpful. Try out Glossier's Mega Greens Galaxy Pack- it contains white kaolin clay with nutrient rich superfruits.  

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Fresh face masks are... well, freshly made, with natural ingredients that you scoop up and slather onto your face. After letting it sit for a while, you can wash it off to have supple, smooth skin. Fresh beauty has a slew of award-winning face masks, but our favorite is the Lotus Youth Preserve facial mask to simultaneously exfoliate and soften your face.

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