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Get Charmed by Essence, Pandora’s New Collection

When thinking of Pandora jewelry, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic charm bracelet--youthful, fun, and unique. Pandora's concept is that each charm placed on their delicate silver strands are reflective of a certain quality or characteristic of the woman wearing it.

(Charms from left to right) Creativity, $190; Prosperity, $55; Belief, $55; Dignity, $210

This summer Pandora has released their new Essence collection featuring their staple charm with a twist. Mixing colours, metals and stones are elevating this classic schoolyard look into an elegant and grown-up take on the classic charm bracelet. Each charm is designed to inspire women to "express their true selves, through beautiful and symbolic charms that emphasize inner values, hopes and desires in life".

(From top to bottom) The Essence Collection Bangle, $70; The Beaded Sterling Silver Bracelet, $70

With charms and bracelets that are not only beautiful and stylish but personalized too, who wouldn't want a little more positive energy in their life? By ROWAN DALKIN Photos courtesy of  

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