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Hawaii false missile alert: Employee pushed the wrong button


This weekend, Hawaiians received a false alarm warning regarding a ballistic missile heading to Hawaii. This false alert is said to have been sent during an employee shift change at the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency and the state apparently did not have an automated way to let their citizens know it was a false alarm. The agencies administrator Vern Miyagi, who declined to comment on what action will be taken against the employee, went on to explain that the employee assumed he was conducting a test and therefore did not realize when he had transmitted the warning. Despite the warnings two-step authentication process, the employee did not realize he had transmitted the message till the alert showed up o his own phone minutes later.

U.S federal communications officials said that Hawaii did not have adequate safeguards in place to prevent a false emergency alert and their aim is to prevent future incidents such as this one.

This false alarm comes at a time when threats of nuclear attacks are on the rise and this false alarm only add to these fears. North Korean president Kim Jong-un has threatened to unleash his country's growing missile weapon capability against the U.S  territory of Guam/ against the United States, unfortunately, Hawaii is among the closest targets or the North Korean attack.


In this short clip, Hawaiians talk about the panic they went through after hearing the alarm.

Celebrities like Jim Carrey who was in Hawaii at the time of the incident also took to his social media account to express the criticality of this situation.


By: Chizzy Obilonu

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