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Learn The Art of Tanning


If you have heard about Institut Esthederm than you already know about their philosophy to skin care, their approach to sun care. They don’t go by traditional SPF reading, their belief sun care is more the just SPF on its own. They believe in letting the skin naturally adapt to the sun rather than over protecting by layering SPF.

The products are meant to mitigate the negative effects of the sun and UV rays while promoting the skin’s natural ability to define its self by the way of tanning. As your skin tans, it becomes more and more resistant to the negative effects of the sun. I think it’s a very interesting way of looking at sun exposure and protection.

They don’t follow SPF reading typically, instead they categories their products by skin type, skin’s tolerance to the sun. Their products range from the gentle sun, normal to strong sun & very strong sun.

Say if we look at sun care in Canada during winter than we would go with Gentle Sun Care products but if we were to somewhere tropical then High Protection Sun Care products.

Honestly, I hate tanning so thought of giving these products a try for all the promising it makes.

  1. Adaptasun Sun Care Lotion


First all, the texture is so amazing it didn’t feel like every other sunscreen lotion in the market. It felt like I was applying a moisturizer with this amazing fragrance to our body. As they say, their products boost the skin’s ability to tan, it's so true. After applying this lotion, I felt like my body tanned uniformly and faster. I bronzed beautifully as well as feeling soft & smooth all day long.

  1. Sun Expert Sun Care Brightening High Protection Cream

SUN EXPERT - SPF 50+ 50 ML, $59


Thanks to the sun, I have an uneven complexion during the summers so I thought of giving this product a try as it claims to correct the appearance of brown spots and combat uneven complexion as well as protect your skin.

My face can tell the truth, it looks flawless and has tanned evenly. Every time I apply this cream I get a uniform & youthful glow.  
  1. Micellar After Sun Shower Gel


I was heading to Mexico last week and thought of taking this product with me as it claims to eliminate UV, sand, salt and chlorine filters. I used it regularly during the trip every time, I went for a swim, indoor or outdoor. This one is a holy grail, I just can’t think of a beach vacation without this shower gel. My skin felt so hydrated and soft each time. My body always tanned in an ugly manner thanks to the chlorine in the swimming or salt in the water but this time I bronzed beautifully.

Review – My thoughts about tanning have changed as I love the process of tanning now thanks to Institut Esthederm Sun Care products. Finally, I believe tanning can be amazing for everyone if you take the right care.

By Pinal Surana


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